Club de manga espagnol

The actual translation for La Manga Spain means the “arm” name refers to the land arm that surrounds the east coast of Mar Menor (smaller sea) on the Mediterranean coast in the Murcia region. This area is traditionally a hot spot vacation for the Spaniards, who generally live here during the summer months.

Mar Menor is a shallow sea estimate. 20 km 10 km, the part has been cut for a collection of salt. The average depth is 4-5 meters; This is a sea heritage and a breeding place for protected seahorses here. The benefits for people who live in La Manga Spain are that they almost enjoy the benefits โดจิน of 2 seats, Mediterranean to the east and Mar Menor to the West.

Mari Mari waters remain a few degrees warmer in winter and always calm make it an ideal location for children. The water is also more salty then med, making it more floating for swimmers, the beach is safe and sandy. It is also ideal for windsurfers and many schools popping up over the past few years. Sailing fans also found Mar withdrawing and there were some marinas they had.

The early 70s saw the birth of the La Manga club near Mar Mary’s Beach, this was one of the first full integrated resorts in Spain. Today has grown in fame and size and more than 2,500 properties have now been built. The facilities offered are also some of the best in Europe and include; A 5 star, 3 golf course, tennis center, cricket field, soccer field and every sports facility you can think of.

The club is often referred to as La Manga Spain in England, he has received many awards for years for standard quality service facilities including to be one of the 5 best sports resorts in the world. Easy access to flights often to Alicante or Murcia from most European cities.